Lets Talk Hallmark: The Signed, Sealed, Delivered Series, Episodes 6 to 10

July 2020 – I continue writing about one of my favorite Hallmark series,  the Signed, Sealed, Delivered: Dead Letter Mysteries. The first movie had a very good reception from the viewers. After the first movie aired in 2013, Hallmark then switched the presentation format to 1-hour episodes. The series had 10 1-hour episodes, which aired from April to June of 2014. The network then changed the format back to 2-hour movies.

The actors with Carol Burnett

Those 10 episodes were all packed with emotion, action, mystery and drama. Each episode brings a new lost letter to investigate and deliver to its rightful addressee. But it also brings us to find out more about the POstables team, our efficient group of postal workers, and their personal struggles. Read my first post about the Signed, Sealed, Delivered pilot movie here https://fullofcoffee.blog/2020/05/10/lets-talk-hallmark-introduction-to-signed-sealed-delivered-the-postables-team/.

I also wrote a previous post about the first five episodes of the series, https://fullofcoffee.blog/2020/06/14/lets-talk-hallmark-the-signed-sealed-delivered-series-episodes-1-to-5/. As I write and review each episode, I’m trying not to spoil what happens next -very difficult for me! I really want each viewer to discover the intrigues and emotions of the stories.

Since I’m talking about Hallmark, let me remind all readers that, even though I love the movies, I’m only a fan. I have no rights or access to any production or merchandise. None. But if you’re interested, you may visit the website www.hallmarkchannel.com. I check the Hallmark Channel page every day! All pictures/images used are from Hallmark/Crown Media.

There’s so much to tell you about it, that I divided the information of the series in two posts. Here I tell you about the next five episodes, from 6 to 10 (all descriptions are summarized from information retrieved from the Hallmark Movies and Mysteries web page https://www.hallmarkmoviesandmysteries.com/signed-sealed-delivered/episode-guide/5#listheader):

Ellie (Jessica Kishner Morgan) and Bobby (Jeremy Raymond)

Episode 6- The Future Me – In this episode we meet a new supervisor, Glynis Rucker (Marilu Henner).  We also meet carrier Kimmi Cooper (Andrea Brooks), who brings in an undeliverable letter. She’s interested in meeting Rita, as they’d be rivals for the title of Miss Special Delivery. The team finds out that the daughter of new supervisor Glynis, Vivinee (Cate Richardson), is also a contestant for the title. Glynis has assured them that her daughter will win the contest at any cost.

Oliver arrived at the office, stating that he had started throwing away things from his past, including eliminating the bin of “lost letters” from Paris. The others are intrigued, but Oliver, trying to dismiss their concerns, assured them that he is fine. They moved on to investigate the letter that Kimmi brought to them. It was found inside a drawer of an old school desk. Norman informed them that the letter was written by a young female, and he went on his first solo investigation to find out where did the desk (where the letter was found) came from.

The team discovers that the letter was from a young lady with Down Syndrome, Ellie (Jessica Kishner Morgan), who works in a flower shop. She wrote a letter to “her future self”. She works with her boyfriend, a young guy named Bobby (Jeremy Raymond), who also has a disability. They want to get married, but her father is opposed to this. Ellie, with Oliver and Shane’s help, tries to convince her family that they are ready to get married.

The team goes with Rita to the pageant’s elimination round. Because Rita starts doubting herself, Norman gave her a message of encouragement. Glynis had said that she could squash the competition like a bug. Norman tells Rita that there’s a bug called a tree lobster, and they have an outside skeleton like a lobster. This makes them “unsquashable”. This gave Rita the courage she needed. Yes, she won the contest for her division, and the right to participate in the state pageant. And yes, Ellie and Bobby got married, why I tell you this? Because Shane and Oliver danced again at the wedding.

Billy (Adam DiMarco) and Jennifer (Nicole Fraissinet)

Episode 7- Something Good – Rebecca “Becky” Starkwell (Valerie Bertinelli) is visiting the office, assigned to find a special project. She chose to feature Rita in the monthly magazine. She found out that Shane was working here, and they had worked together in Washington, D.C.. They go out to lunch, and Shane told her about Oliver. They didn’t realize that he was there and heard their conversation.

The team works with an item from the small unattached items bin, things that had fallen of their original letter or packaging. They picked a CD that had a note written on it. They ended up listening to the CD and traced it to singer Linda Hawkins (Leah Gibson). Shane contacted Linda, and she directed her to the recording studio were they found Jennifer (Nicole Fraissinet), who is the studio manager. She remembered the CD was from Billy James Antonopoulos (Adam DiMarco), and she also remembered that was the last night she saw him.

The team found Billy by tracing the license of his vintage motorcycle. Billy was in a motorcycle accident and lost his memory, and he was in a rehab center. Shane and Rita realized that the song was written for Jennifer, as Billy was in love with her, and Jennifer is also in love with Billy. They brought Jennifer to see Billy, and they brought him his guitar. The team convinced Billy to play his song. He wasn’t sure he would remember the lyrics, but Oliver says to him “sometimes your heart remembers what your mind forgets”. The song, the guitar (and the girl) managed to help him recover part of who he is.

Lane Edwards (center) as Michael Wheeler

Episode 8- Dark of Night – This is a very emotional, and controversial episode. The team of actors managed to create such a memorable masterpiece. The episode starts with a lady in a hospital bed, who was in a car accident. She wrote a letter while in the hospital, and later died. The letter was found inside a bible and was sent to the Dead Letter Office.

Becky Starkwell (Valerie Bertinelli) is still in Denver (Colorado). She told Shane that Oliver heard their conversation about him (from the previous episode). Oliver interrupts them, bringing a package. When he shows what’s inside the package, it’s the letter from Melissa (Kimberley Sustad), the lady who died in the hospital. It was dated 10 years ago.

The letter was addressed to Michael Wheeler (Lane Edwards), who turned out to be the District Attorney. His wife died after the car accident, and their daughter, Abby (Stephanie Bennett), survived. In the letter, she revealed the truth about their daughter. The news made Michael very distraught. As they investigate, the team realized that they need more support to go on special assignments or more liberties to investigate letters beyond just delivering them. Becky steps up and sends a letter to Washington, D.C., authorizing the Dead Letter Office to expand their investigation’s powers and be declared a Special Task Force. This is the episode where they officially became the “POstables”, as they’re looking for a name when Rita mentions that they are like “special agents, like super heroes”.

The team discovered that Abby is in a life-death health situation. They helped Michael realize that Abby’s life is more important than revenge. In doing so, they managed to saved two lives. So the team received a Distinguished Service award, but they also received the Dark of Night award.

Episode 9- The Treasure Box – In this episode, a wooden box was found inside a damaged package. Norman thinks it’s a puzzle box and he deciphers the compartment, finding a key. The key turned out to be for a safety deposit box. Oliver and Shane headed to the bank to visit the box in the vault. As they were in, a boy playing around pulled the fire alarm, resulting in Oliver, Shane and Jason, the bank employee (Keenan Tracey), being trapped in the safety vault.

They all thought that they have only a few hours of oxygen. Oliver set to write a letter, and Shane is looking for conversation to stay distracted. She noticed that the letter he is writing is for Holly, his wife. They then decided to check the content of the box, and found out a bunch of letters. They were written by Jonathan and Katherine, from the time they knew each other and continued as their long-distance relationship grew.

Meanwhile, Norman and Rita headed to Rita’s reception and opening night ceremony of the pageant. They suspected something happened to Oliver and Shane, as he’s never late. Rita started the sentence “Oliver is more reliable than…” to which Norman added “than a mule delivering mail bags to the bottom of the Grand Canyon.” Then Norman overheard a lady talking about the emergency evacuation at the bank.

After the big ordeal of being stuck in the vault, Oliver and Shane headed out to visit Jonathan Walker (Richard de Klerk) to give him back the box and the letters. It turned out that the letters were from his great-grandparents. He said that every men in the family had received the box and letters as a wedding gift.

The team accompanied Rita to the pageant, where we find Ramón Rodríguez (Zak Santiago) being the master of ceremonies. Rita won the title of Miss Colorado Special Delivery, and her next step is to participate in the national competition.

My blogger friend Ruth Mayer Hill had the opportunity to interview Zak Santiago in 2017 (still a very good one!). Read here https://mydevotionalthoughts.net/2017/02/interview-with-actor-zak-santiago-signed-sealed-delivered.html.

Carol Burnett as Ardis

Episode 10- A Hope and a Future – The episode started with a young lady leaving a baby with a note by the front door of the local church. Back in the office, the team is celebrating Rita’s accomplishment. Oliver let her pick the letter to investigate, picking a letter that was not intended for the system. It was a personal note addressed to Pastor Thomas, from a baby’s mother asking the pastor to find someone to take care of her baby, to give him “a hope and a future”.

The story affected Norman, as he confessed that he was abandoned as a child, had to go into foster care, and eventually was adopted. He also confessed that he had contacted the National Adoption Registry, and he received a letter a year ago, one that he hadn’t opened. He asked Oliver to open it for him. The letter was from Ms. Ardis Parker-Pennington-Paine (Carol Burnett), Norman’s biological grandmother, and she wants to meet him. Norman got in touch with her, and Ardis came to Colorado to meet him. They did spent a day together, and she revealed that Norman’s mom had passed away.

The team visited the church, looking for Pastor Thomas. They found out that the Pastor had passed away, but the pastor in charge is his son (Viv Leacock), and he said he was the one who found the baby. They found Joshua (Adam Korson), the baby who is now a doctor, and he is not interested in meeting his biological mom.

Rita recognized Joshua’s face, and it turned out that he had a twin brother, Matt. Oliver and Shane went to visit him, and found out that the mom (Ingrid Tesch) was living with him. She had never reveal to Matt that she had a twin brother. Norman’s grandmother, Ardis, ended up hospitalized and being attended by Joshua. While in the hospital, she arranged for Matt and his mom to come in. They all met with Joshua and finally made peace.

Oliver had a conversation with Ardis, in which she told him that he could do with a little crazy himself. He said that he wouldn’t know where to begin. Ardis told him “you begin by doing the thing that scares you the most, face up to the scary and the rest is easy”. After this, Shane revealed to him that she was concerned about the letter he wrote for Holly. He was still holding on to it. He finally decided to mail it.

After these episodes aired, the Hallmark network changed the format to 2-hour movies. There are 11 movies and, it was announced that one more movie will be filmed. At this time, when I wrote this, the COVID pandemic has halted production and actors are waiting the okay to go make the movie.

Although the format changes, the story continues. The relationship between these four friends continues growing. And the relationship between both couples, Oliver-Shane and Norman-Rita, also keeps evolving. There’s more drama and mystery as the movies continue. I have more to tell you about it! So, look up for my next posts.

I’ll be writing some more. I have plenty more to add, more to write about, and more movies to watch and love. I love writing, and I love Hallmark movies. It’s time for my tacita de café. Salud!

Para versión en español, vea https://fullofcoffee.blog/2020/07/12/hablemos-hallmark-la-serie-el-misterio-de-las-cartas-perdidas-episodios-6-al-10/.

Lets Talk Hallmark: The POstables Fans of the Signed, Sealed, Delivered Series

I have become a big fan of the Hallmark network movies. In the process, I have discovered a few series that have called my attention. I’m not a fan of series because I tend to forget what day they’re running and I hate missing episodes. Well, in this case, I not only became a fan of the series, I became a part of the fan club.

I’m talking about the Signed, Sealed, Delivered series. I became a fan of the POstables, the main characters of the series: Oliver O’Toole (Eric Mabius), Shane McInerney (Kristin Booth), Rita Haywith (Crystal Lowe), and Norman Dorman (Geof Gustafson). I wrote about how the series started, check the post here https://fullofcoffee.blog/2020/05/10/lets-talk-hallmark-introduction-to-signed-sealed-delivered-the-postables-team/.

The POstables group that met in Florida

Before I tell you more about the movies, I have to tell you about the fans. When I joined Twitter, I did it to follow all news and posts about Hallmark movies. Well, I started to follow a bunch of fans of Hallmark. I started seeing and following the POstables fans. They are an active group, always writing posts promoting the movies, setting dates to rewatch movies, and praising (rightly so) the great work of the actors and writers. They use a lot of positive thoughts and inspirational quotes.

This group is always interacting and writing to each other. The actors often participate of this interaction! I’ve gotten “lost” a few times in the maze of comments, following a conversation. They set dates to watch the movies, as most of them own the complete collection, alerting everyone of the movie to watch and tweeting along as they do. The Hallmark network knows they are loyal followers, so they have added the series to the Hallmark Movies Now streaming service.

I had the chance to watch one of the movies when it premiered, “The Road Less Traveled”, and I was intrigued. I wanted to know more. I wanted to follow the story. I noticed the hashtag on Twitter and I started reading and following. I found out there were more movies, and there are many, many fans!

As I’ve been following, I’ve seen that these group of fans often travel to meet and get together quite often. A big trip I wished I had gone to was when this group of fans went to Los Angeles, California, to meet Kristin Booth and Crystal Lowe, as they participated in an interview for the show Home and Family TV. Then they went to a private lunch with the actors, and with writer Martha Williamson.

July 2018: POstables in California, meeting actors Crystal Lowe (4th in back row), Kristin Booth (7th in back row), and writer Martha Williamson (center, 10th in back row)

The actors are also on Twitter. They also participate of the tweeting events and respond to fans questions. They know this fan family loves them and loves their work. They work hard for the fans and that’s one thing we all appreciate. That’s part of why this series is so loved.

Well, I finally had the chance to meet a big part of this group. I read that they were planning a trip to Florida. I contacted my good friend Judy (who I only knew from Twitter) to make sure she was coming and where were they meeting. Judy lives in California and is one of the first friends that introduced me to the POstables fan group. I told her “if it’s in Florida, I don’t care how many hours I have to drive, I want to meet you and the group”.

Judy and I finally met in person!

This all happened in October of 2019. I contacted Amanda, who lives in Florida, to make sure of the date and the location. I set up my mind, and planned my trip. I was driving by myself to go meet my friends Judy and Amanda. I really didn’t know who else was coming. It was only a couple of hours away, so I told myself that I was going to be okay. The thing is that in May 2019 I had a panic/anxiety attack while traveling by airplane by myself. So this was quite the challenge for me. But I wanted to do this, go meet these friends. I drove about two hours and a half, after a few stops and not taking the expressway. I made it to the location without incidents.

In my mind, I thought I was coming to meet a few ladies, 4 or 5 maybe. I asked if it was okay to wear my POstables t-shirt, and Judy said it’d be perfect, they’d wear theirs too. The welcome they gave me was fantastic. I cannot express in words how awesome it felt. It was like being with family. That gave me such a warm feeling! Like we’ve known each other for a long time. Like I was reuniting with my aunties, my cousins, and sisters. Fourteen (14) ladies had traveled to Florida, plus three (3) of us were locals, and two little ladies that joined the group.

I also met these two wonderful ladies!
Ramona (left), me (center), Amanda (right)

I’ve never met any of these ladies in person, only on social media. They received me like they’ve known me for the longest time. All of them knew I was coming, all of them wanted to say hello and give me a hug. They had brought gifts to share with me! I felt a little bit overwhelmed, my anxiety wanting to take over. But I managed to control that feeling, and I said hello to all of them, one by one. We were soon chatting like we do online!

All the POstables goodies I received!

My question as I was meeting each one of them? Where are you from? I was curious in knowing where they were coming from. These ladies came to Florida from Arizona, Arkansas, California, Georgia, Indiana, Illinois, Indiana, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Texas, and Virginia.

This was a group of 17 people: Judy, Marybeth, Ramona, Blair, Ann M, Ann P, Amanda, Teresa, Darlene, Paula, Fotoula, Jessica, Jennifer, Rosemary, Connie and me. This group included the elusive “Ducky”, who gave me a warm welcome and a keepsake. I got to meet the “Ducky” lady! I also met Ramona! We also had two cute little girls who joined the group, and they had a lot of fun sharing with us!

Among the gifts I got, I got my ducky!

Their main question for me? How did I found out about the POstables and the Signed, Sealed, Delivered series. I told them my story. How I had started watching Hallmark Channel, then discovered the Hallmark Movies and Mysteries channel, and I was able to watch the “Road Less Traveled” movie. And it called my attention. I wanted to know more, see more. I fell in love with Oliver, Shane, Norman and Rita.

A coffee and a yummy treat

I spent half the day with this amazing group of ladies. We went for coffee and treats. We talked, we laughed. I didn’t want the day to end. But I had to go back home. When I drove back, I was not feeling lonely at all. I drove with all of them in my mind and in my heart. This event happened in November, and this is published in May. I still remember it like it was yesterday.

These girls were having fun!

I’m glad I got to meet this group of POstables. I know that I have found a group of people that, like me, enjoy watching a good movie, having a cup of coffee and making each other smile. They are amazing friends and motivators.

Sign at the coffee place

This year 2020, plans for trips have been put on hold, due to the health crisis caused by the Coronavirus pandemic, we are experiencing around the world. I know there might be more trips planned in the future. I cannot wait to meet some more and share another cup of coffee with them. As soon as everything goes back to normal, and we are allowed to travel and gather again, I’m sure there will be plans for this group of friends to go somewhere fun.

I cannot wait to see them in person again. Meanwhile, it’s time to watch a movie, time for me to keep writing, and time for my tacita de cafe. To the POstables! Salud!

Para versión en español, vea https://fullofcoffee.blog/2020/05/16/hablemos-hallmark-los-postables-fanaticos-de-la-serie-el-misterio-de-las-cartas-perdidas/

Hablemos Hallmark: Los POstables, fanáticos de la serie El misterio de las cartas perdidas

Me he convertido en un gran fanática de las películas de la red Hallmark. En el proceso, descubrí algunas series que me llamaron la atención. No soy fanática de series porque tiendo a olvidar qué día corren y odio perderme los episodios. Bueno, en este caso, no solo me hice fanática de la serie, sino que me convertí en parte del club de fans.

Estoy hablando de la serie El misterio de las cartas perdidas, o Firmado, sellado, entregado (Signed, Sealed, Delivered). Me hice fanática de los POstables, los personajes principales de la serie: Oliver O’Toole (Eric Mabius), Shane McInerney (Kristin Booth), Rita Haywith (Crystal Lowe) y Norman Dorman (Geof Gustafson). Escribí sobre cómo comenzó la serie, mira la publicación aquí https://fullofcoffee.blog/2020/05/10/hablemos-hallmark-introduccion-a-el-misterio-de-las-cartas-perdidas-el-equipo-de-los-postables/.

El grupo de POstables que se reunió en Florida

Antes de contarte más sobre las películas, tengo que contarte sobre los fanáticos. Cuando me uní a Twitter, lo hice para seguir todas las noticias y publicaciones sobre películas de la red Hallmark. Bueno, comencé a seguir a fanáticos de Hallmark. Empecé a ver y a seguir a los fanáticos de POstables. Son un grupo activo, siempre escriben publicaciones promocionando películas, haciendo citas para ver las películas y alabando (con razón) el gran trabajo de los actores y escritores. Usan muchos pensamientos positivos y citas inspiradoras.

Este grupo siempre está interactuando y escribiendo entre ellos. ¡Los actores a menudo participan de esta interacción! Me he “perdido” varias veces en el laberinto de comentarios, después de una conversación. Hacen las citas para ver las películas, ya que la mayoría de ellos posee la colección completa, alertando a todos de la película de turno para que la vean y twittean mientras lo hacen. La red Hallmark sabe que son seguidores leales, por lo que han agregado la serie al servicio de transmisión Hallmark Movies Now.

Tuve la oportunidad de ver una de las películas cuando se estrenó, El camino menos transitado (The Road Less Traveled), y me intrigó. Quería saber más. Quería seguir la historia. Noté la etiqueta (hashtag) en Twitter y comencé a leer y a seguir. Descubrí que había más películas, ¡y hay muchos, muchos fanáticos!

Como he estado siguiendo, he visto que este grupo de fanáticos a menudo viaja para reunirse y se reúnen con bastante frecuencia. Un gran viaje al que desearía haber ido fue cuando este grupo de fanáticos fue a Los Ángeles, California, para encontrarse con Kristin Booth y Crystal Lowe, mientras participaban en una entrevista del programa Home and Family TV. Luego fueron a un almuerzo privado con los actores y con la escritora Martha Williamson.

Julio 2018: POstables en California, conociendo a los actores Crystal Lowe (cuarta en la última fila), Kristin Booth (séptima en la última fila) y la escritora Martha Williamson (centro, décima en la última fila)

Los actores también están en Twitter. También participan de los eventos de Twitter y responden a las preguntas de los fanáticos. Saben que esta familia de admiradores los ama y ama su trabajo. Trabajan duro para los fanáticos y eso es algo que todos apreciamos. Eso es parte de por qué esta serie es tan querida.

Bueno, finalmente tuve la oportunidad de conocer a una gran parte de este grupo. Leí que estaban planeando un viaje a Florida. Me puse en contacto con mi buena amiga Judy (a quien sólo conocía de Twitter) para asegurarme de que venía y dónde se encontrarían. Judy vive en California y es una de las primeras amigas que me presentó al grupo de fanáticos de POstables. Le dije “si es en Florida, no me importa cuántas horas tenga que conducir, quiero conocerte a ti y al grupo”.

¡Judy y yo finalmente nos conocimos en persona!

Todo esto sucedió en octubre de 2019. Me puse en contacto con Amanda, que vive en Florida, para asegurarme de la fecha y el lugar. Me decidí y planeé mi viaje. Estaba conduciendo sola para encontrarme con mis amigas Judy y Amanda. Realmente no sabía quién más vendría. El viaje era sólo un par de horas, así que me dije que iba a estar bien. El caso es que en mayo de 2019 tuve un ataque de pánico / ansiedad mientras viajaba en avión sola. Así que éste fue un gran desafío para mí. Pero quería hacer esto, ir a conocer a estas amigas. Conduje unas dos horas y media, después de algunas paradas y sin tomar la autopista. Llegué al lugar sin incidentes.

En mi mente, pensé que vendría a conocer algunas damas, 4 o 5 tal vez. Le pregunté si estaba bien usar mi camiseta de POstables, y Judy dijo que sería perfecta, que también usarían la suya. La bienvenida que me dieron fue fantástica. No puedo expresar con palabras lo maravilloso que se sintió. Era como estar con la familia. ¡Eso me dio una sensación tan cálida! Como si nos conociéramos desde hace mucho tiempo. Como si me estuviera reuniendo con mis tías, mis primas y hermanas. Catorce (14) mujeres habían viajado a Florida, más tres (3) de nosotras éramos locales y dos pequeñas damitas que se unieron al grupo.

¡También conocí a estas dos maravillosas damas! Ramona (izquierda), yo (centro), Amanda (derecha)

Nunca había conocido a ninguna de estas damas en persona, sólo en las redes sociales. Me recibieron como si nos conociéramos por mucho tiempo. Todas sabían que iba a venir, todas querían saludarme y abrazarme. ¡Habían traído regalos para compartir conmigo! Me sentí un poco abrumada, mi ansiedad quería tomar el control. Pero logré controlar ese sentimiento y les dije hola a todas, una por una. ¡Pronto estuvimos charlando como lo hacemos en línea!

¡Todos los regalitos que recibí de los POstables!

¿Mi pregunta cuando me encontraba con cada una de ellas? ¿De dónde eres? Tenía curiosidad por saber de dónde venían. Estas mujeres vinieron a Florida desde Arizona, Arkansas, California, Georgia, Indiana, Illinois, Indiana, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Texas y Virginia.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is fb_img_15895914968084272659267140861209.jpg

Este era un grupo de 17 personas: Judy, Marybeth, Ramona, Blair, Ann M, Ann P, Amanda, Teresa, Darlene, Paula, Fotoula, Jessica, Jennifer, Rosemary, Connie y yo. Este grupo incluye a la escurridiza “Ducky”, quien me dio una cálida bienvenida y un recuerdo. ¡Conocí a la dama “Ducky”! ¡También me encontré con Ramona! ¡También tuvimos dos lindas niñitas que se unieron el grupo, y que tuvieron un montón de diversión al compartir con nosotros!

Entre los regalos que recibí, ¡obtuve mi patito!

¿Su pregunta principal para mí? ¿Cómo me enteré de los POstables y de la serie? Les conté mi historia. Cómo comencé a ver el canal Hallmark, luego descubrí el canal Hallmark Movies and Mysteries y pude ver la película El camino menos transitado (The Road Less Traveled). Y llamó mi atención. Quería saber más, ver más. Me enamoré de Oliver, Shane, Norman y Rita.

Un café y un delicioso antojo

Pasé la mitad del día con este increíble grupo de mujeres. Fuimos a tomar café y unos deliciosos antojitos. Conversamos, nos reímos. No quería que el día terminara. Pero tenía que volver a mi casa. Cuando regresé, de camino a mi casa, no me sentía sola en absoluto. Conduje con todas ellas en mi mente y en mi corazón. Este evento ocurrió en noviembre y lo publiqué en mayo. Todavía lo recuerdo como si fuera ayer.

¡Estas chicas se estaban divirtiendo!

Me alegra haber podido conocer a este grupo de POstables. Sé que he encontrado un grupo de personas que, como yo, disfrutan viendo una buena película, tomando una taza de café y haciéndose sonreír unos a otros. Son increíbles amigos y motivadores.

Letrero en la cafetería
La vida es corta. Come el postre primero.

Este año 2020, los planes de viajes se han suspendido debido a la crisis de salud causada por la pandemia de Coronavirus que estamos experimentando en todo el mundo. Sé que podría haber más viajes planeados en el futuro. No puedo esperar para conocer más y compartir otra taza de café con este grupo. Tan pronto como todo vuelva a la normalidad, y se nos permita viajar y reunirnos nuevamente, estoy segura de que habrá planes para que este grupo de amigos vaya a algún lugar divertido.

No puedo esperar para verlos en persona otra vez. Mientras tanto, es hora de ver una película, es hora de que siga escribiendo y es hora de mi tacita de café. ¡Por los POstables! ¡Salud!

For English version, see https://fullofcoffee.blog/2020/05/17/lets-talk-hallmark-the-postables-fans-of-the-signed-sealed-delivered-series/

Hablemos Hallmark: Introducción a El misterio de las cartas perdidas (el equipo de los POstables)

Mayo 2020: ser fanático de Hallmark Channel Network me ha ayudado a descubrir tantas buenas películas y tantos actores talentosos. En un par de años desde que comencé a mirar constantemente el Canal Hallmark, me ha impresionado todo el talento que se ha unido a la red. Estos actores se convierten en favoritos fácilmente, ya que logran meterse en sus personajes haciéndolos parecer tan reales. Por supuesto, muchos de ellos provienen de otros programas o redes. Los presentan a los fanáticos de Hallmark, y nos encanta verlos convertirse en parte de la familia.

La compañía Hallmark / Crown Media ha estado produciendo y promocionando películas desde 1951, cuando la estación de televisión NBC (National Broadcasting Company) se les acercó para patrocinar películas. Luego, en 1991, fundaron Crown Media Holdings, Inc., para administrar su propia producción cinematográfica. En 2001, lanzaron el Canal Hallmark como una estación de televisión y comenzaron a presentar sus películas y series que se han convertido en las favoritas de muchos.

Como siempre, me gusta recordar a todos los lectores que, aunque me encantan las películas, solo soy una fanática. No tengo derechos ni acceso a ninguna producción o mercancía. Ninguna. Pero si te interesa, puedes visitar su página de Internet www.hallmarkchannel.com. ¡Reviso la página de Hallmark todos los días! Me gusta consultar el calendario y las nuevas películas que saldrán pronto. Todas las imágenes / carteles utilizados para esta publicación son propiedad de Hallmark Channel / Crown Media Holdings. Les advierto también que los títulos de las películas son una traducción al español hecha por mí, pueden estar disponibles bajo otro título.

Elenco de la serie El misterio de las cartas perdidas
o Firmada, sellada, entregada (Signed, Sealed, Delivered)

De todas las series producidas por la red Hallmark, recientemente descubrí una que se ha convertido en una de mis favoritas, y sé que tiene muchos admiradores: “El misterio de las cartas perdidas” o “Firmada, sellada, entregada” (Signed, Sealed, Delivered). Esta serie de Hallmark es una mezcla de drama, misterio, comedia y, lo que más me gusta: el romance. También tiene un mensaje de fe, esperanza y lealtad, ya que los personajes lidian con situaciones difíciles trabajando juntos para resolverlos.

La creadora es Martha Williamson, escritora y productora ejecutiva de la popular serie “Tocado por un ángel” que se emitió en la estación de CBS durante 9 temporadas. Ella es originaria de Colorado, por lo que le dio a la serie la ubicación de Denver en Colorado. Para obtener más información, visite su página oficial aquí (información en inglés) https://marthawilliamson.com/signed-sealed-delivered/.

Esta serie nos presenta a cuatro empleados dedicados del Sistema Postal de los Estados Unidos que se convierten en un equipo de detectives que identifican el correo perdido cuando llega a su oficina. La oficina en la que trabajan se llama en realidad la “Oficina de las cartas muertas (o perdidas)”. Se las arreglan para investigar las cartas que no se pueden entregar, lo que las lleva a un viaje donde las cartas y los paquetes salvan vidas, resuelven crímenes, reúnen viejos amores y cambian el futuro llegando tarde, pero siempre milagrosamente a tiempo. (Información obtenida de la página web del canal Hallmark Movies and Mysteries).

Los actores principales comparten un momento durante el rodaje
Imagen cortesía de Hallmark/Crown Media

La primera película se presentó en octubre de 2013. Originalmente se llamaba El misterio de las cartas muertas o perdidas (Dead Letters Mystery), con el subtítulo Segundas Oportunidades (Second Chances). Fue visto con éxito por 1.715 millones de espectadores (según el artículo, información en inglés, http://www.thefutoncritic.com/ratings/2013/10/15/saturdays-cable-ratings-and-broadcast-finals-alcs-nascar-and-college-football-top-charts-133411/cable_20131012/). La red anunció el inicio de una serie de episodios de una hora que se ejecutaron semanalmente de abril a junio de 2014 (un total de 10 episodios). Luego, la programación cambió a un formato de película de 2 horas, con 11 películas que se estrenaron de 2014 a 2018. Los ejecutivos de Hallmark y los actores anunciaron que una nueva película está comenzando a producirse y que el estreno se lanzará en una fecha posterior.

Déjame contarte sobre los actores principales y sus personajes.

Eric Mabius como Oliver O’Toole.
Imagen cortesía de Hallmark/Crown Media
  • Oliver O’Toole – El equipo está dirigido por el encantador y guapo Oliver (Eric Mabius). Oliver es un tipo anticuado que todavía cree en el compromiso y vive con su fe y convicción como guías de su vida. Dirige el equipo y logra combinar sus talentos únicos para trabajar juntos y encontrar una solución para resolver el caso en cuestión.
  • Eric Mabius nació en Pennsylvania y creció en la zona rural de Massachusetts. Se graduó de Sarah Lawrence College en Nueva York. Es mejor conocido por su papel de Daniel Meade en la serie Betty La Fea (Ugly Betty). (Información recuperada de la página web de Hallmark Movies and Mysteries). Además de protagonizar la serie, Eric también protagonizó las películas originales de Hallmark Channel Cómo enamorarse (How to Fall in Love, 2012), Lectura, escritura y romance (Reading, Writing & Romance, 2013), Bienvenidos a Navidad (Welcome to Christmas, 2018) y también Está comenzando a parecer Navidad (It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas, 2019).
Kristin Booth como Shane McInerney
Imagen cortesía de Hallmark/Crown Media
  • Shane McInerney – una bella y sencilla experta en tecnología llamada Shane (Kristin Booth),, es transferida por error a la oficina de las cartas perdidas. Le lleva algo de tiempo, pero puede combinar sus talentos con el equipo para convertirse en una parte esencial de él. Ella se da cuenta de todas las peculiaridades y talentos únicos de cada uno de ellos y pronto se involucra en ayudarlos a resolver casos, presentando su ingenio y conocimiento para complementar al equipo.
  • Kristin nació en Kitchener, Ontario, Canadá, y se graduó de la Universidad de Ryerson en Ontario. Pasó la mayor parte de su carrera como actriz en Canadá, donde ganó un Premio Gemini (2005), un Premio Genie (2008) y un Premio ACTRA (2019, presentado por la Asociación de Artistas de Radio y Televisión Canadiense). También ha sido nominada para un segundo Premio Gemini (2008) y un segundo Premio ACTRA (2010). Kristin no ha protagonizado ninguna película original de Hallmark, que no sea esta serie. Tuvo un pequeño cameo en Sueño de Invierno (Winter’s Dream, 2018).
Crystal Lowe como Rita Haywith
Imagen cortesía de Hallmark/Crown Media
  • Rita Haywith – Rita (Crystal Lowe) es una chica de espíritu libre que tiene una memoria fotográfica fantástica, una con la que Oliver cuenta cuando trabajan en la investigación de las cartas perdidas. Ella tiene una afinidad por cualquier cosa con búhos, ya que considera que los búhos “son un recordatorio de que siempre hay alguien volando que piensa que eres especial” (sus palabras en la película). Ella está (revelación!) enamorada de Norman. Incluso escribió una novela, inadvertidamente basando su personaje principal en Norman.
  • Crystal nació en Vancouver, Columbia Británica, Canadá, y tuvo la oportunidad de vivir en Hong Kong. Su primer papel fue a los 15 años, y continuó su carrera como estrella invitada en muchas películas. Crystal ha coprotagonizado algunas películas de Hallmark: El detective gourmet: Un lugar saludable para morir (The Gourmet Detective: A Healthy Place to Die, 2015), Corazones en Navidad (Hearts of Christmas, 2016), Casemonos en Navidad (Marry Me at Christmas, 2017), Navidad en el albergue de Holly (Christmas at Holly Lodge, 2017), Voltea ese romance (Flip that Romance, 2019) y Navidad en Dollywood (Christmas in Dollywood, 2019).
Geoff Gustafson como Norman Dorman
Imagen cortesía de Hallmark/Crown Media
  • Norman Dorman – Norman (Geoff Gustafson) es un experto en historia postal. Es un poco tímido, pero con la confianza y la aprobación de Oliver, se adelanta para hacer su parte al tratar de descubrir qué hacer. No es convencional, en el sentido de que tiene una forma única de ver las cosas. Más adelante en la serie, se revela que Norman creció en hogares de guarda. Todas las conexiones y amigos que hizo, los relata como “su familia” y recurre a ellos cuando necesita información para resolver casos.
  • Geoff nació en Vancouver, Columbia Británica, Canadá. Estudió teatro en la Universidad de Victoria, en Victoria, Columbia Británica. Ha coprotagonizado algunas películas de Hallmark: ¡Es Navidad, Carol! (It’s Christmas, Carol!, 2012), Buscando a Mrs. Claus (Finding Mrs. Claus, 2012), Darrow y Darrow 2 (2018), Emma Fielding: Más amargo que la muerte (Emma Fielding: More Bitter Than Death, 2019), Un romance de verano (A Summer Romance, 2019) y Escribe antes de Navidad (Write Before Christmas, 2019).

Ahora, déjame contarte sobre la primera película:

Segundas oportunidades (piloto): la rutina diaria de la oficina de las “cartas perdidas” cambia cuando una joven llamada Shane es transferida por error. Shane inspira al equipo, Oliver, Rita y Norman, a cambiar la forma en que suelen trabajar con una carta perdida, y todos van a averiguar qué pasó. Comenzaron a llamarse a sí mismos los “POstables”.

Oliver y Shane
Imagen cortesía de Hallmark/Crown Media

La carta en este caso había sido enviada un año antes, y el equipo se da cuenta de que Kelli (la remitente) tenía la intención de conocer a Charlie (el destinatario) un año después. Continúan siguiendo algunas pistas, hasta que encuentran a Charlie (Ben Hollingsworth).

Ben Hollingsworth como Charlie
Laci Mailey como Kelli

Este es el comienzo de sus aventuras y, a medida que las películas continúan, también lo hacen sus historias y las relaciones que se desarrollan entre ellas. Por supuesto, continúan trabajando juntos para resolver casos y reunir personas. Este grupo se convierte en una familia, ayudándose y apoyándose mutuamente.

Las películas (y los actores) son tan queridos que hay muchos bloggers que dedican publicaciones a la serie. Uno que descubrí tan pronto como me hice fanática de los POstables es el blog Alameda Downing, de la blogger Chandel. Para obtener más información (¡mucha información!, en inglés), visite https://alamedadowningblog.weebly.com/about.html.

Otra de mis publicaciones favoritas sobre la serie es de mi amiga bloguera Ruth Mayer Hill. Para conocer un poco más a estos personajes, lea la reseña de Ruth de 2015 (¡todavía es muy buena!, en inglés) https://mydevotionalthoughts.net/2015/06/signed-sealed-delivered-season-1-review.html.

Todavía hay mucho más que contarte sobre esta increíble serie. Mientras esperamos el próximo estreno, escribiré un poco más. Te contaré más sobre las películas que siguieron a esta. Me encanta escribir y me encantan las películas de Hallmark. Es hora de mi tacita de café. ¡Salud!

For English version, see https://fullofcoffee.blog/2020/05/09/lets-talk-hallmark-introduction-to-signed-sealed-delivered-the-postables-team/

Lets Talk Hallmark: Introduction to Signed, Sealed, Delivered (The POstables Team)

May 2020 – Becoming a fan of the Hallmark Channel Network has helped me discover so many good movies, and so many talented actors. In a couple of years since I started constantly watching Hallmark Channel, I’ve been impressed with all the talent that have joined the network. These actors become favorites easily, as they manage to get into their characters making them seem so real. Of course, many of them come from other shows or networks. They get introduced to the Hallmark fans, and we love seeing them become part of the family.

The Hallmark/Crown Media company has been producing and promoting movies since 1951, when they were approached by the NBC TV station (National Broadcasting Company) to sponsor movies. Then in 1991, they founded the Crown Media Holdings, Inc., to manage their own movie production. In 2001, they launched the Hallmark Channel as a TV station and started introducing their movies and series that have become favorites of so many.

As always, I like to remind all readers that, even though I love the movies, I’m only a fan. I have no rights or access to any production or merchandise. None. But if you’re interested, you may visit their website https://www.hallmarkchannel.com. I check the Hallmark Channel page every day. I do. I like to check the schedule and what new movies are coming soon. All images/posters used for this post are from Hallmark Channel/Crown Media Holdings.

Signed, Sealed, Delivered promotion poster

Of all the series produced by the Hallmark network, I recently discovered one that has become a favorite of mine, and I know has many fans: “Signed, Sealed, Delivered“. This Hallmark series is a mix of drama, mystery, comedy, and, the one thing I like: romance. It also has a message of faith, hope and loyalty, as the characters deal with difficult situations working together to resolve them.

The creator is Martha Williamson, writer and executive producer of the very popular series “Touched by an Angel” that aired on CBS station for 9 seasons. She’s a native of Colorado, so she gave the series the location of Denver. For more information, visit her official page here https://marthawilliamson.com/signed-sealed-delivered/.

This series introduces four dedicated employees of the U.S. Postal System who become a team of detectives identifying lost mail as it gets to their office. The office they work at is actually called the “Dead Letter Office”. They manage to investigate the undeliverable letters, which takes them into a journey where letters and packages save lives, solve crimes, reunite old loves, and change the future by arriving late, but always miraculously on time. (Information retrieved from Hallmark Movies and Mysteries channel web page).

The lead actors sharing a moment during filming
Image courtesy of Hallmark/Crown Media

The first movie aired in October of 2013. It was originally called Dead Letters Mystery, with the subtitle “Second Chances”. It was successfully watched by 1.715 million viewers (according to the article, http://www.thefutoncritic.com/ratings/2013/10/15/saturdays-cable-ratings-and-broadcast-finals-alcs-nascar-and-college-football-top-charts-133411/cable_20131012/). The network announced the start of a series of one-hour episodes that ran weekly from April to June 2014 (total of 10 episodes). Then programming switched to a 2-hour movie format, with 11 movies that premiered from 2014 to 2018. It has been announced by Hallmark executives and the actors, that a new movie is starting production, premiere to be disclosed at a later date.

Let me tell you about the principal actors and their characters.

Eric Mabius as Oliver O’Toole.
Image courtesy of Hallmark/Crown Media
  • Oliver O’Toole – The team is led by the charming and handsome Oliver (Eric Mabius). Oliver is an old fashioned guy who still believes in commitment and lives with his faith and conviction as his life guides. He leads the team and manages to combine their unique talents to work together and come up with a solution to resolve the case at hand.
  • Eric Mabius was born in Pennsylvania, and grew up in rural Massachusetts. He graduated from Sarah Lawrence College in New York. He is best known for his role as Daniel Meade in the series Ugly Betty. (Information retrieved from Hallmark Movies and Mysteries web page). Besides starring in this series, Eric has also starred in the Hallmark Channel Original Movies How to Fall in Love (2012), Reading, Writing & Romance (2013), Welcome to Christmas (2018), and It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas (2019).
Kristin Booth as Shane McInerney
Image courtesy of Hallmark/Crown Media
  • Shane McInerney – a beautiful, no-nonsense expert in technology named Shane (Kristin Booth) is mistakenly transferred to the Dead Letter Office. It takes her some time, but she’s able to blend her talents with the team to become an essential part of it. She notices all the quirks and unique talents of each of them and soon becomes involved in helping them solve cases, introducing her witty and knowledge to complement the team.
  • Kristin was born in Kitchener, Ontario, Canada, and graduated from Ryerson University in Ontario. She has spent most of her acting career in Canada, where she has won a Gemini Award (2005), a Genie Award (2008), and a ACTRA Award (2019, presented by the Association of Canadian Television and Radio Artists). She has also been nominated for a second Gemini Award (2008) and a second ACTRA Award (2010). Kristin has not starred in any Hallmark Original Movies, other than this series. She had a small cameo appearance in Winter’s Dream (2018).
Crystal Lowe as Rita Haywith
Image courtesy of Hallmark/Crown Media
  • Rita Haywith – free-spirited Rita (Crystal Lowe) has a fantastic photographic memory, one that Oliver counts on when they work into investigating “dead” letters. She has an affinity for anything with owls, as she considers that owls “are a reminder that someone is there’s always somebody out there flying around that thinks you’re special” (her words from the movie). She is in love with non other than (spoiler!) Norman. She even wrote a novel, inadvertently basing her main character on Norman.
  • Crystal was born in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, and had the opportunity to live in Hong Kong. Her first role was at age 15, and she continued her career as guest star in many movies. Crystal has co-starred in a few Hallmark movies: The Gourmet Detective: A Healthy Place to Die (2015), Hearts of Christmas (2016), Marry Me at Christmas (2017), Christmas at Holly Lodge (2017), Flip that Romance (2019), and Christmas at Dollywood (2019).
Geoff Gustafson as Norman Dorman
Image courtesy of Hallmark/Crown Media
  • Norman Dorman – Norman (Geoff Gustafson) is an expert in postal history. He is a bit shy, but with Oliver’s trust and approval, he steps up to do his part when trying to figure out what to do. He is unconventional, in the sense that he has a unique way of seeing things. Later on the series, it’s revealed that Norman grew up in foster care. All the connections and friends he made, he relates as “his family” and recurs to them when in need of information to solve cases.
  • Geoff was born in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. He studied theater at the University of Victoria, in Victoria, British Columbia. He has co-starred in a few Hallmark movies: It’s Christmas, Carol! (2012), Finding Mrs. Claus (2012), Darrow and Darrow 2 (2018), Emma Fielding: More Bitter Than Death (2019), A Summer Romance (2019), and Write Before Christmas (2019).

Now, let me tell you about the first movie:

Second Chances (pilot) – The daily routine of the “dead letter” office changes when a lady named Shane gets mistakenly transferred in. Shane inspires the team, Oliver, Rita and Norman, to change the way they usually work with a lost letter, and they all go to find out what happened. They started calling themselves the “POstables”.

Oliver and Shane
Image courtesy of Hallmark/Crown Media

The letter in case had been mailed a year before, and the team realizes that Kelli (the sender) intended to meet Charlie (the addressee) a year after. They go on following a few clues, until they find Charlie (Ben Hollingsworth).

Ben Hollingsworth as Charlie
Laci Mailey as Kelli

This is the start of their adventures and, as the movies continue, so does their stories and the relationships that develop between them. Of course, they continue working together in resolving cases and reuniting people. This group becomes a family, helping and supporting each other.

The movies (and the actors) are so loved, that there are many bloggers that dedicate posts to the series. One that I discovered as soon as I became a fan of the POstables is the Alameda Downing blog, by blogger Chandel. For more information (a lot of info!), visit https://alamedadowningblog.weebly.com/about.html.

Another one of my favorite posts about the series is from my blogger friend Ruth Mayer Hill. To get to know these characters a little bit more, read Ruth’s review from 2015 (still a very good one!) https://mydevotionalthoughts.net/2015/06/signed-sealed-delivered-season-1-review.html.

There is still so much more to tell you about this amazing series. As we wait for the next premiere, I’ll be writing some more. I will tell you more about the movies that followed this one. I love writing, and I love Hallmark movies. It’s time for my tacita de café. Salud!

Para versión en español, vea https://fullofcoffee.blog/2020/05/10/hablemos-hallmark-introduccion-a-el-misterio-de-las-cartas-perdidas-el-equipo-de-los-postables/